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The best Linux desktop search tools | TuxRadar Linux

The best Linux desktop search tools | TuxRadar Linux.

A review of various desktop search tools on linux. In sum, Recoll is the best.



Debian wheezy installation on Toshiba Portégé R700

Debian Wheezy installation on my new Toshiba Portégé R700 went like a breeze. I only needed to install proprietary driver (wl) for the Broadcom wireless card. Everything else worked without a hitch.

Toshiba Portégé is a nice light-weight laptop weighing only 1.3 Kilograms. My machine runs on an Intel i5 processor, has a 500GB harddisk, an optical drive and the usual fare of features. On the whole, happy with it.


Linux Mint Debian Edition

Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is my current favourite linux distribution. It is built on Debian, which has the reputation of being the most stable, secure and well-tested linux distribution, and is extremely user-friendly.

LMDE and most current distributions of linux beat Windows hands down in terms of user-friendliness. LMDE is a breeze to install, you almost never need to reinstall the operating system on your computer, and you never need to worry about viruses.

LMDE comes free of charge and is fully compatible with Debian. A default installation packs most of the applications that a typical user is likely to need. If your computer is connected to the internet, thousands of other applications could be installed via its package manager.

You can find LMDE here. Look for the Debian Edition. A simple tutorial for LMDE installation is here.

If you are up for some adventure, try Debian. You will find it here.

Review of Agrarian Studies

Review of Agrarian Studies, the peer-reviewed journal of the Foundation for Agrarian Studies, is now online at www.ras.org.in.


Child rights in India and Cuba

child rights in india and cuba.

Interesting Reads



The Hindu : The inflation conundrum

C. P. Chandrasekhar on Inflation

The Hindu : Columns / Economy Watch : The inflation conundrum.

Making Data Meaningful

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has published these two documents very interesting documents.

Making Data Meaningful, Part I

Making Data Meaningful, Part II


The Hindu : Deprivation among Dalits remains high

The Hindu : News / National : Deprivation among Dalits remains high.

The Hindu : ‘Agrarian question linked to Dalit discrimination’

The Hindu : News / National : ‘Agrarian question linked to Dalit discrimination’.

The Hindu: National meet on ‘Dalit households in village economies’ begins today

The Hindu : States / Other States : National meet on ‘Dalit households in village economies’ begins today.

The Hindu : Agricultural revival: news media can make big impact

The Hindu : Opinion / Readers’ Editor : Agricultural revival: news media can make big impact.


I am organising a group at CESP, JNU that will produce scripts using open source tools for reading NSSO and ASI data. The idea is to release these scripts under an open source license. Any researcher who purchases NSSO/ASI data will be able to use these scripts to process them.

We will use these scripts to build mysql/postgresql databases that we can host at JNU for use by researchers here.

Look forward to more on this in near future. 



Position for a Research Assistant to be based in New Delhi

Vacancy announcement is here.

What the UID Conceals

Ramakumar, R. What the UID Conceals, The Hindu, Oct 21, 2010.