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Statistics on Indian Economy and Society


A lot of statistics on Indian economy and society are available online. These are scattered across various websites and are mostly provided without any information on the sources, data definitions and limitations of these statistics.

This website was conceived as a platform to host statistics on different aspects of the economy and society. The website aims to differentiate itself from other sources on following counts:

  • indianstatistics.org will combine dissemination of data with documentation about the data and critical analysis of problems related to the use of these statistics. The website will provide references, and where possible, online links, to scholarly analyses about these data and analyses based on these data.
  • indianstatistics.org will build an archive of documents related to the statistical system of India.
  • indianstatistics.org will also build an archive of important non-official data and documents related to Indian economy and society.
  • indianstatistics.org will acknowledge accurately all original sources of data and documents hosted on the website.
  • indianstatistics.org will only host data and documents that are publicly available, or data and documents for which the provider has specifically authorised indianstatistics.org to disseminate data.
  • indianstatistics.org will provide all data and documents free of cost.
  • indianstatistics.org will also provide links to external sources of data. However, in such cases, the accuracy of data, the format in which these data are provided and the issues of copyright are not a responsibility of indianstatistics.org

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