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Blogging from conkeror

I installed scribefire on conkeror. Blogging from it. To start scribefire, you need to go to



Participation of the Rural Poor in Dairy Cooperatives in Gujarat

I once wrote a note titled “Participation of the Rural Poor in Dairy Cooperatives: Case Studies from Gujarat”. This note, written in year 2000, was based on a background paper I wrote for the FAO project on “Rural Household Income Strategies for Poverty Alleviation and Interactions with the Local Institutional Environment”.

The note argues that […]

Bulletin of Agrarian Studies

The Foundation for Agrarian Studies plans to launch a new online journal, the Bulletin of Agrarian Studies. The journal will be launched in early 2010. Look out for the announcement on the FAS website.


Foundation for Agrarian Studies

The Foundation for Agrarian Studies (FAS) has revamped its website. The website contains a large amount of literature on agrarian studies and lots of lovely photographs from Indian villages.