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Interesting manual on irrigation pumps and other water lifting devices

An interesting manual on water lifting devices is here.


Landlessness in Rural India

Ownership Holdings of Land in Rural India: Putting the Record Straight

In the past, research on land distribution in rural India has pointed out that the surveys by the National Sample Survey Organisation have yielded underestimates of the extent of land inequality and landlessness. In a fresh analysis, this paper, using household level data from […]

Weblogger for posting to the new weblog

Setting up weblogger to shift to the new location of this blog was really easy.

M-x weblogger-setup-weblog RET was all that was required to set it up.

M-x weblogger-start-entry starts a new entry. C-x C-s publishes it.




That was a bad start. The server went offline on Saturday and it took four days for it to come back online!!

Let us hope we shall do better in future.


New Home of V.

This is the new home of my blog.

All old posts and comments have been shifted here. New posts will appear only here and not at the previous location.