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Pretty printing e-mails in mutt

I have been looking for a good solution for pretty printing from mutt. The best solution suggested is muttprint. The problem, however, is that muttprint uses the latex system to print. I am not a latex user and I do not want to install the entire latex system on my machine just to print e-mails.


Testing weblogger mode in emacs

I am increasingly using emacs for a lot of things that I do (heard this before??).

* I use emacs with mutt to compose emails. * I use orgmode as my organiser. * I use ess for programming environment for R. * and I have just started using weblogger for maintaining my blog (This is […]

Interesting document

Making Data Meaningful: A guide to writing stories about numbers

The blurb: The guide is intended as a practical tool to help managers, statisticians and media relations officers use text, tables, graphics and other information to bring statistics to life.

Get the pdf version directly from here.


Find type of variables in a data frame

sapply(a,class) gives type of field (character, numeric, or factor) for each variable in the data frame a.