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Speed up folder loading in mutt

Sometimes you have these little nuggets tucked away somewhere. Yesterday I found I could add the following line to my .muttrc and now it loads my huge mail folders in a flash!!

set header_cache=/home/<username>/.mutt_cache

It used to be so boring to see mutt loading a folder with over a thousand messages. Now, it takes no […]

mutt colours

I just spiced up my mutt with colors. Used the basic color schemes from here and then changed it to suit my requirements. Looks cool!!


Renaming variables in a dataframe

There is no direct command in R for renaming variables and that may make it less than obvious for some people. Of course, once you know, it is simple. The following command does the trick.





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Area under curve

There are various ways in which you can get R to calculate area under a curve. Some of these are explained in various posts on this thread. Ravi Varadhan wrote up the following function that uses trapezoidal rule for calculating area between a 45 degrees line and a curve. I used it to get gini […]

Postscript graphics from R

Graphics made in R are best saved as postscript files if the files are to be used for printing. This can be done by wrapping your commands (for example, plot) in a postscript device, or by printing the plot to postscript after the plot has been created.

Method 1.


plot commands


Use reshape to tabulate

Package reshape is meant for aggregating, reshaping and tabulating data.Tabulation is done in two steps: melt and cast. Read help for these functions.


This will create a dataframe sl2 which will have all the variablesin sl1 and “foo” being reorganised for casting later. See head(sl2) to see the form it takes.

List of variables in a dataframe

Function “names” gives list of columns/variables in a dataframe.





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R2HTML package

We can use R2HTML package to direct output of R to an html file.

Remember, R2HTML package is different from R2html command in the prettyR package.


The basic syntaxt of using it in an interactive R session is as follows.



HTMLStart(filename = “~/test.html”, echo=TRUE)

..R commands […]