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Crop diversification

Reading material uploaded on cespserv for the next class (under the section Crop and Occupational Diversification).


No class on August 16 either

I just checked in the office. There will be no class on August 16 either. Please check this space for further announcements regarding readings for the next week.


No Class on Aug 15/16?/Readings for the week

There will be no class on Aug 15. August 16 may also be a holiday. In that case, we shall miss a whole week of classes. Please check about August 16.

Please go through the relevant chapters of R. Palme Dutt, and Nanavati and Anjaria (Chapters III, VIII, and XII) before the next class.


Agrarian Development: Timetable

Classes for thie course will be held as per the following schedule.

Tuesday, 11.15 hours to 12.15 hours Wednesday, 11.15 hours to 12.15 hours



I shall use this blog to make announcements for students attending my courses. Students are advised to visit the frequently so that they know is there is any change in schedule for any lecture, or any other information that I may want to pass around.