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Saving and Loading your work in R

save Use save command to save R objects related to any specific work that you are doing (to distinguish it from other things you or any other user might do in R on the same machine). You can save the environment in a file with extension .Rdata.

load This can be loaded into R later […]

More on “A Little Trick in Reading Data”

Here is an example of the beauty of R.

To split up a character string, all you need is to use a function called substr (for sub string)!! So you don’t really need to write the variable into a new file and read it back with read.fwf as I did (see my earlier post titled […]


The following text from the R help pages clearly explains the use of command subset in extracting data from a data.frame. This command will be of much use in preparation of data set for further analysis.



subset {base} R Documentation

Subsetting Vectors and Data Frames


Return subsets of vectors or data frames […]