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Statistics on Indian Economy and Society


A lot of statistics on Indian economy and society are available online. These are scattered across various websites and are mostly provided without any information on the sources, data definitions and limitations of these statistics.

This website was conceived as a platform to host statistics on different aspects of the economy and society. The […]


I am organising a group at CESP, JNU that will produce scripts using open source tools for reading NSSO and ASI data. The idea is to release these scripts under an open source license. Any researcher who purchases NSSO/ASI data will be able to use these scripts to process them.

We will use these scripts […]

Measurement of poverty: A Methodology deeply flawed

Measurement of poverty: A Methodology deeply flawed

Madhura Swaminathan

The poverty line that the Tendulkar Committee proposes depends on reduced calorie consumption, and fails to provide for reasonable household expenditures on schooling and health.

Installing mysql workbench on debian

Debian does not yet have a package for Mysql Workbench in its repositories. The website of Mysql Workbench has an ubuntu package but it does not directly install in debian. To install it on debian, you need to separately install all the dependencies.

The following steps will take you through the process of installation. Please […]