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Welcome to the new semester/EP509

Welcome to EP509.

In this course, we shall study the nature of production conditions in contemporary Indian agriculture and the process of their evolution in the post-independence period.

As you can see, reading lists for each topic are substantial. You will be required to read at least about 200 pages every week.

I expect students […]

Interesting document

Making Data Meaningful: A guide to writing stories about numbers

The blurb: The guide is intended as a practical tool to help managers, statisticians and media relations officers use text, tables, graphics and other information to bring statistics to life.

Get the pdf version directly from here.


How to write the end-semester termpaper

Read the note here.

I suggest that the term paper be about 2500 word long. It should include a clear statement of objective, description of data, description of the econometric method used, analysis and interpretation of results, and a concluding section. Each student MUST write independently. Plagiarism will be heavily penalised.

Just staple your term […]

Last date for end-semester term papers

The end semester term papers must be submitted by 30th 1 pm. This is an absolute deadline. I will leave Delhi after that and will not be able to take the term papers. There will be no late submissions after this date.


Extra classes on 16, 17 and 18

I would like to take extra classes on April 16 (afternoon), 17 (morning) and 18 (morning). Can you  consult  amongst yourselves and decide the hours.


Subset schdata to primary schools

Variable SCHCAT takes value “1” for primary schools. Use that to get a subset of only primary schools. Merge that list with the relevant variables from village directories.

I will discuss problems related to the assignment only until the 17th. After that, we get back to the class-room. Please make sure that you have at […]

Installed catdoc on cespserv

catdoc is installed on the cespserv. You can use xls2csv on cespserv to convert excel files to csv.


Reading large tables into R

Here are some useful tips on the issue.


Reading large datasets in R

Farnsworth has discussed with an example a faster way of reading large files. It would be nice if some of you tried to implement it to read schdata.txt

Also, let us collectively mine the documentation/r-help for more resources on this.


End-semester term papers

Until now, following people have registered their end-semester term paper topics.

Name State Md. Suher Khan Uttar Pradesh Rohin Anhal Karnataka Silpa Nagaland Bijoyata Yonzon Assam Akhil Chhattisgarh Sudeep Manipur Motiniva Orissa Vishal Tripura Shinjou Kim Mizoram Amarjyoti Himachal Pradesh Sheetal Sikkim Ganita Bhupal Rajasthan Aparajay Bihar


Last edited: April 13, 10.45 […]

Further on reading schdata

Motiniva and I tried to use the awk script for reading data for Orissa and found that some discrepancies in data prevent the text file from being imported correctly. I have given her an R script that can be modified and run in the batch mode to generate the subset for the relevant state. Please […]

Holidays on April 5 and 6!!

We are going to miss two lectures on account of holidays on April 5 and 6. If some of you work over the long week-end, and would like to consult me to discuss problems, drop me a mail to seek appointment. I will try to spend some time in office over this long weekend if […]

Awk script to read schdata

Motiniva found that selecting subset for a state out of schdata was taking a long time in R. Here is an awk script that does it in no time. This script will create a text file which can then be read into R.

Save the following script in a file. Make the file executable (chmod […]

May be a little late today. Please wait.

My daughter’s school is closed this week. I have to arrange forsomebody to baby-sit while I take the class. I will try to come intime but if I am wait, please do wait. Go through the recent posts onhttp://vikasrawal.wordpress.com and start working on the assignmentdata while you are waiting for me.

Also for the same […]

R: Further on import/export of data

The manual dealing with import/export of data to/from R is here. Please go through this to seek guidance on importing data into R. I hope all of you have subscribed to r-help mailing list. Go through the archives of the list for specific problems not discussed in the manual. Any problems that still remain, discuss […]