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Scheduled operations on Gmail

This is very useful for dealing with mass emails that you only want to retain temporarily in your Gmail inbox.

Create time-based Gmail filters with Google Apps Script | johnedayjohneday.

Sustainability of water use in agriculture

AQUASTAT, developed and maintained by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, is the global database that gives quantitative information on water resources and withdrawal of water for different uses.

Agricultural water withdrawal is defined as follows:

Annual quantity of self-supplied water withdrawn for irrigation, livestock and aquaculture purposes. It includes water from primary […]

Romania’s peasants: standing in the way of foreign investors making a lot of money | Luke Dale-Harris

Romania’s peasants: standing in the way of foreign investors making a lot of money | Luke Dale-Harris.

The peasant farming economy has long been eroding under the open-market policies pushed by the European Union and the Romanian state. Squeezed out of the market by the agri-investment giants who take the bulk of the EU’s common […]

Freeing the world from hunger


The Bali ministerial conference in December presents a crucial opportunity to bring about changes in WTO rules, by which developing countries can support small farmers and move towards eliminating hunger.

Pipes in Unix Based Operating Systems

LXer Linux News

Pipes in Unix Based Operating Systems.

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Skip outline frame in org-beamer

Beamer presentations created by org-beamer have, by default, a frame that displays outline of the presentation immediately after the title frame.

If you do not want this outline frame, add the following line in the headers of the org file.

#+OPTIONS: toc:nil

org-beamer would now create the presentation without the outline frame.

etenil on […]

Testing wordmobi

Testing wordmobi to post to V from my s60 phone

Posted by Wordmobi

José Saramago dies at 87

The NYTIMES obituary: José Saramago, Nobel Prize-Winning Portuguese Writer, Dies at 87

The Guardian: Nobel laureate José Saramago dies, aged 87


A Fraternal Argument with Dr Sen

A very interesting piece by Prakash Karat. See here.

History Is One Blind Turn From Mohenjo Daro

An interesting review of Upendra Singh’s book by Irfan Habib. See here.

Interesting manual on irrigation pumps and other water lifting devices

An interesting manual on water lifting devices is here.



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