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Using Emacs, Org-mode and R for Research Writing

This guide presents a toolkit for writing research papers and monographs using Emacs, Org-mode and R.

Org-mode allows embedding statistical code in the document to generate results that can be revised and reproduced, integration of bibliographic references with a database, and consistent formatting without any manual tweaking using excellent support for creation of pdf, […]

Customising the look of beamer presentations created using orgmode

Some examples of how to customise the look of beamer presentations created using orgmode.

1. Changing the colors.

#+BEAMER_HEADER_EXTRA: \usetheme{Warsaw} \usecolortheme{beaver} \usefonttheme{serif} \setbeamertemplate{caption}[numbered] \useinnertheme{circles} #+BEAMER_HEADER_EXTRA: \setbeamercolor{title}{fg=green!40!black} #+BEAMER_HEADER_EXTRA: \useoutertheme{split} #+BEAMER_HEADER_EXTRA: \setbeamercolor{section in head/foot}{fg=green!50!black} #+BEAMER_HEADER_EXTRA: \setbeamercolor{subsection in head/foot}{fg=green!50!black} #+BEAMER_HEADER_EXTRA: \setbeamercolor{item}{fg=green!50!black}

2. Adding logo on the title frame. (Replace unilogo with name of the file containing your […]

Hindi/Devanagari presentations using orgmode, R, latex and beamer

I recently had to prepare a beamer presentation in hindi/devanagari. I usually use emacs-orgmode  with a lot of R source code embedded in it to prepare my beamer presentations. To adapt the entire setup to work with devanagari, this is what I needed to do.


Make orgmode export to latex using xetex rather than […]

Skip outline frame in org-beamer

Beamer presentations created by org-beamer have, by default, a frame that displays outline of the presentation immediately after the title frame.

If you do not want this outline frame, add the following line in the headers of the org file.

#+OPTIONS: toc:nil

org-beamer would now create the presentation without the outline frame.

etenil on […]

Blogging from conkeror

I installed scribefire on conkeror. Blogging from it. To start scribefire, you need to go to



Conkeror: Freedom from Mice

Conkeror is a Firefox-based browser that adds emacs-style keyboard functionality to the browser. It is great for those who like using the keyboard (and hate the mouse). Try it.

Here is an interesting article on Conkeror browser.

I wish they thought of a better name though. Conkeror sounds too similar to Konqueror.


Testing word wrap in emacs

Since I use emacs for writing my mails, I use auto-fill to wrap the text at a specified width. While this is good for mails, it is not so good for a lot of other things. I would like emacs to auto-fill only mutt buffers. That is how my .emacs is setup. Or so I […]

Weblogger for posting to the new weblog

Setting up weblogger to shift to the new location of this blog was really easy.

M-x weblogger-setup-weblog RET was all that was required to set it up.

M-x weblogger-start-entry starts a new entry. C-x C-s publishes it.